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On this day 1318

On this day 10 May 1318, the Anglo Norman, Richard de Clare was defeated at the Battle of Dysert O'Dea, near Corofin, Co. Clare. He was defeated by the O'Briens, led by Muircheadh who was supported by lesser chiefs. This success for the O'Briens ensured that they maintained control of Thomond for the next 200 years.

But the O'Briens had split and Brian O'Brian had sided with Richard De Clare in 1813. Following his defeat, Brian O'Brien was banished from Clare and settled in the Arra region of Tipperary. These O'Brien's of Arra built a castle at Ballina, just in front of where Flanagan's bar is today. The castle was demolished in the 1840s when work was carried out to widen the river at Killaloe to alleviate flooding further up the country. No trace of the castle remains to day.

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