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Education in the Parish of Killaloe


This book traces the story of the schools of the parish of Killaloe, Co. Clare over nearly 300 years.  

The introduction gives a summary of Killaloe's contribution to historical material surviving from the Middle Ages - e.g. Annals of Inisfallen, Life of St Flannan, the Life of St. Mochulla .

The first two chapters deal with the Protestant schools from 1783, including the Killaloe Diocesan School.

A chapter is devoted hedge schools in the parish. Other chapters deal in great detail with the primary schools, classical and secondary schools.  The final chapter looks at the Gaelic League teachers from early 20th century.

The appendices list all the teachers - Principals, Assistants and Monitors from 1830s to when the book was published in 1987.

Maps and photographs are also included.

Price €6 + P&P

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